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What are the two things all golfers want? To hit the ball longer and straighter. That’s all we want.  The problem is you usually end up in the trees when you try. And it’s no wonder when you have to be in control of the club; from address, to the top and all the way to the finish. And you have to control the head the face and the shaft.

But how can you finally fix your swing? You have tried books and videos but they don’t help you, they just fuel your frustration. Lessons are costly and perplexing.  The secret to hitting the ball longer and straighter is The Medicus golf swing trainer. It will do the one thing no other swing trainer will do. Teach you hand control. I bet no books or videos have ever told you that? Let me explain…

Finally Fix Your Swing With the Medicus Golf Swing Trainer


Use of the hands in your golf swing is extremely underrated. There’s a lot of talk of swinging with big muscles and driving from your legs but we forget that we are hanging on to the golf club with our hands. Because of this many golf swing trainers teach position golf, but even when you are in all the right positions you still slice or hook the ball. What the Medicus driver teaches you is alignment.

Not target alignment (being square to your target line); but a geometric alignment of the golf club and your body.

In the first image, the left arm stays in line with the club shaft. Basically you’re left arm is an extension of the shaft. In the second image the right forearm again stays in line with the shaft. Your right forearm keeps the club face square through impact and is the power behind the shaft.

This is how you hit longer and straighter drives and only the Medicus golf swing trainer can put you in that position on every swing.


Train Your Hands and Eliminate Your Slice or Hook

There are two reasons you slice or hook the ball and they are easier to fix than you think:

  1. The angle in which your club face strikes the ball
  2. The direction your club swings through the ball


For a slicer it is the classic ‘out to in’ swing path combined with an open clubface at impact that puts excessive spin on the ball. For the hooker you have the opposite. An ‘out to in’ swing path on your down swing combined with a closed club face at impact. Either way you end up short, in the rough and frustrated.

The Medicus golf swing trainer will eliminate your slice or hook by helping you to;

  • Learn the proper tempo for your takeaway
  • Feel the correct club position throughout your back swing
  • Maintain the correct swing plane
  • Put you in the “sweet spot” every time

The Simple Truth to Adding 20+ Yards to Your Drives

You will read in golfing magazines and hear it on TV every week that your lower body provides all the power. But your lower body provides zero power in your golf swing. Your lower body gives you a platform to stand on which gives you balance. It provides you with a base for your arms to swing. To generate power you have to swing your hands and arms.

The problem when you swing your arms for power is that your swing gets ugly. Any timing or rhythm goes out the door. The trick to adding 20+ yards is to maintain that rhythm and have a force behind the shaft; by having your right arm (for right handed players), in line with the club shaft. Not above or below it.
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Again it is about geometric alignment and using the Medicus golf swing trainer will give you that, fast. No other swing trainer is as consistent, precise, or foolproof. Until now you have had to rely on paying for lessons, coaching books and videos. All of which have conflicting theories on how to hit longer and straighter.

They have only added to your confusion and inconsistency. It all gets wrapped up in your head and you just get frustrated.

Its time you started enjoying golf again. Time to start playing consistent golf without the confusion, or frustration. Time to get yourself a Medicus golf swing trainer and start hitting the ball longer and straighter. All you have to do is


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Medicus Golf Swing Trainer




Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review – The perfect swing trainer

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver ReviewThe team at Medicus golf claim their Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is the #1 selling swing trainers for golfers. It can help you develop a smoother, consistent swing giving you the 2 things every golfer wants from the tee, greater accuracy and distance. So here is my Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review.

Now I play on a -5 handicap and for a long time I have been relying on a coach to improve my game. It’s expensive and takes a long time to get results. So when my friend suddenly plummeted from 19 to 11 in 3 months I wanted to know how he did it.

He pulled out the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver. He told me it would never work for me as I’m already on a low handicap and it’s designed for those that struggle with their game. Hey I struggle with my game. Just because I’m on a low handicap does not mean I hit every fairway and green. I have the same problems every other golfer faces. Tempo, and club face angle are problems that go from your weekend hacker to your tour pro. We all slice and hook the ball.

My Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review;

The first thing you have to get use to is a club that breaks as soon as you move it. I thought it was a practical joke. But no, its patented dual hinged shaft pops open as soon as the club is taken off plane or moved too quickly. Two things every golfer is guilty of. Swinging too fast and not on line.

So the first key note is you get instant feedback. Whether it’s your take away, back swing, downswing or follow through you know straight away because the shaft snaps. Keep it on plane and with good tempo and it won’t.

It took a few minutes to adjust and being on a low handicap it was very frustrating not to be able to swing it without breaking it (when I say “break it” I’m referring to the dual hinged shaft, not breaking it as such. It is made from high quality, durable materials). After 10 minutes or so you begin to get the hang of it. Although it is quite mentally draining as it requires a lot of concentration.

I borrowed it for a month and put it through its paces.  The results don’t sound amazing when you compare it to my friend who took 8 off his handicap. When you play on single figures you don’t really worry about scores. You look at fairways hit, greens in regulation, this is where you improve your game. The better those results the lower I score.

I found that I had a really good short game and my recovery from the trees, rough and bunkers was really good because before I started using the Medicus dual hinged driver I was only hitting 5-9 fairways and only 11-13 greens. I wasn’t really playing well from tee to green.

After a month of regularly practicing with it I am now hitting 12-14 fairways and 15-17 greens consistently. While my handicap has only dropped slightly my stats are more consistent and impressive (the lower your handicap the harder it is to get it to scratch).

The greatest benefit for my game or ego is the extra distance from the tee. It’s straight and long and I always get a reaction from my playing partners. I know with regular practice I can easily add another 10-20 yards with my driver and so can you.

You can use it anywhere. At home, the practice range, even the car park before your round. Remember, the more you use it the better your swing will be.

Now you can hit balls with it but you do have to do the hinges up tight. You want get good feedback from it and you will not get the distance you will with your normal driver. It can be frustrating when you start out. However once you start to get use to it you will get results on the course.

It comes in a range of models, men’s left and right handed, women’s and a junior model. Medicus have recently released the new Medicus Dual Hinge 460cc Over sized Driver to better replicate the common over sized drivers on the market.

Everyone knows that the more fairways and greens you hit, the lower your scores will be. You can spend money on lessons or you can save money and get a Medicus Dual Hinge Driver, lower your scores and claim bragging rights over your friends.

You can get your Medicus Dual Hinge Driver here at Medicus Golf.





Medicus Dual Hinge Driver – Discover how you can swing like the pros

Medicus Dual Hinge DriverAre you frustrated with your swing? Can’t seem to find the fairway? Worse still, do your buddies snigger when you tee off? Well it’s time to start playing golf the way you want to.  The Medicus dual hinge driver has helped thousands of golfers radically improve their swing. Golfers who were once frustrated and tired of playing bad golf, golfers like you now.

With the Medicus driver there is no hype, no ridiculous claims and no one saying you will crush the ball 300+ yards.  Instead you get the one thing all golfers’ desire; a consistent swing. You will finally get rid of that slice and start hitting longer straighter tee shots and lower golf scores. It’s time to start playing smarter not harder.

To Try The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Click HERE


The secret to the Medicus driver lies with its patented dual hinges. When your swing’s not right, the dual hinge flips open, allowing the shaft to break at the hinge. In other words, it ‘breaks’ the moment there is a flaw in your swing. The reason for its two hinges? One controls the shaft and the other controls the sweet spot.

Why two is better than one?

The designers realized that having two hinges not only gives you control of the shaft but it also lets you  know what your hands are doing; unlike single hinge trainers. This is why the Medicus dual hinge is the best golf swing trainer.

The hinge closest to the grip controls the shaft; this keeps your body connected to your arms. Take your hands away to fast – it breaks. Take the club inside – it breaks. Come in over the top in your downswing – it breaks. You get the idea, it keeps you connected and on plane.

The hinge closets to the head controls the sweet spot. This forces you to keep the club face square at impact. Meaning you hit the ball straight.

How do I know I’m off plane?

The dual hinge will break as soon as you take the club off the correct swing plane. This is perfect for you as it stops you coming over the top on your downswing; which is the classic slicer’s problem. It makes the club face stay square as you come into impact. This delivers you into the sweet spot every time. So you eliminate your slice or hook and nail every drive.


medicus Dual Hinge DriverHow will it keep me on tempo?

Too many golfers think swinging out of your boots will result in a booming drive. It won’t. If your hands are moving too fast on your takeaway the shaft breaks. If your hands are starting the downswing too early the shaft breaks. It helps to keep your body, arms and legs connected. So you don’t get out of sync. It forces you to maintain a good rhythm and tempo, which will give you the effortless swing you desire.

The key to improving your swing is instant feedback. Because the hinges break you immediately know your swing is wrong. So you can fix it quickly without having to book a lesson, saving you time and money. It also tells you when you’re swinging right. Now you can practice a good swing instead of the swing faults you usually practice; giving you quality time on the range.

Which means you won’t be in the dog box for spending all day at the range.

Hit longer, straighter and break 80 regularly

Obviously longer, straighter drives give you shorter second shots. So why not take the 20+ yards you slice or hook the ball into the wilderness and put it on the fairway. When you play from the short grass you shoot lower scores, which will improve your handicap. You also get greater confidence to take out the big stick knowing you can split every fairway.

Not to mention the sheer satisfaction off walking off the tee laughing while all your buddies look on in stunned silence.

The Medicus dual hinge driver has adjustable screws so you can tighten them to hit balls. As you get control of your swing, loosen the hinges to challenge yourself and polish your swing. The more you practice with it the quicker you can groove that picture perfect swing you can trust on the course. Which means you will be breaking 80 regularly. And you will begin to experience a whole new appreciation for the game of golf.

Playing great golf can be simple, once you know how. So let’s get started? There’s no risk whatsoever. Especially when playing great golf is only one click away. All you do is…



Medicus Dual Hinge Driver