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What are the two things all golfers want? To hit the ball longer and straighter. That’s all we want.  The problem is you usually end up in the trees when you try. And it’s no wonder when you have to be in control of the club; from address, to the top and all the way to the finish. And you have to control the head the face and the shaft.

But how can you finally fix your swing? You have tried books and videos but they don’t help you, they just fuel your frustration. Lessons are costly and perplexing.  The secret to hitting the ball longer and straighter is The Medicus golf swing trainer. It will do the one thing no other swing trainer will do. Teach you hand control. I bet no books or videos have ever told you that? Let me explain…

Finally Fix Your Swing With the Medicus Golf Swing Trainer


Use of the hands in your golf swing is extremely underrated. There’s a lot of talk of swinging with big muscles and driving from your legs but we forget that we are hanging on to the golf club with our hands. Because of this many golf swing trainers teach position golf, but even when you are in all the right positions you still slice or hook the ball. What the Medicus driver teaches you is alignment.

Not target alignment (being square to your target line); but a geometric alignment of the golf club and your body.

In the first image, the left arm stays in line with the club shaft. Basically you’re left arm is an extension of the shaft. In the second image the right forearm again stays in line with the shaft. Your right forearm keeps the club face square through impact and is the power behind the shaft.

This is how you hit longer and straighter drives and only the Medicus golf swing trainer can put you in that position on every swing.


Train Your Hands and Eliminate Your Slice or Hook

There are two reasons you slice or hook the ball and they are easier to fix than you think:

  1. The angle in which your club face strikes the ball
  2. The direction your club swings through the ball


For a slicer it is the classic ‘out to in’ swing path combined with an open clubface at impact that puts excessive spin on the ball. For the hooker you have the opposite. An ‘out to in’ swing path on your down swing combined with a closed club face at impact. Either way you end up short, in the rough and frustrated.

The Medicus golf swing trainer will eliminate your slice or hook by helping you to;

  • Learn the proper tempo for your takeaway
  • Feel the correct club position throughout your back swing
  • Maintain the correct swing plane
  • Put you in the “sweet spot” every time

The Simple Truth to Adding 20+ Yards to Your Drives

You will read in golfing magazines and hear it on TV every week that your lower body provides all the power. But your lower body provides zero power in your golf swing. Your lower body gives you a platform to stand on which gives you balance. It provides you with a base for your arms to swing. To generate power you have to swing your hands and arms.

The problem when you swing your arms for power is that your swing gets ugly. Any timing or rhythm goes out the door. The trick to adding 20+ yards is to maintain that rhythm and have a force behind the shaft; by having your right arm (for right handed players), in line with the club shaft. Not above or below it.
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Again it is about geometric alignment and using the Medicus golf swing trainer will give you that, fast. No other swing trainer is as consistent, precise, or foolproof. Until now you have had to rely on paying for lessons, coaching books and videos. All of which have conflicting theories on how to hit longer and straighter.

They have only added to your confusion and inconsistency. It all gets wrapped up in your head and you just get frustrated.

Its time you started enjoying golf again. Time to start playing consistent golf without the confusion, or frustration. Time to get yourself a Medicus golf swing trainer and start hitting the ball longer and straighter. All you have to do is


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